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Natures the word!

Bringing natural textures and objects into our home has a calming, grounding and welcoming effect on the space. Linen sheets, leather couches, woollen rugs and timber furniture pieces are just a few objects you can use towards creating a nature inspired interior.

Bringing wood into your home creates instant warmth and is one of the easiest natural materials to use. It comes in a variety of finishes from flooring to ceiling beams, wood can also be reclaimed and refurbished from older buildings to create unique furniture pieces.

Natural light is an important aspect of bringing nature into your home so open those windows and let the sun in. Use sheer curtains and mirrors to reflect the light by hanging them adjacent to or opposite a window.

Wallpapers and decals have come a long way in the past few years and are on trend big time. Choose a woodland or timber look wallpaper to further create the feeling of nature within your home.

Woollen rugs are a great investment as they have a natural ability to regulate the humidity of an interior. The rug will breathe and absorb moisture when the atmosphere is damp and releases it when the atmosphere is dry. It will also act as another form of thermal insulation and is one of the safest carpet fibres because it’s fire resistant.

Invest in quality natural material items for your home and enjoy the benefits of creating a calming and inviting environment for your family.

Rebecca O’Fee - O'Fee Interiors

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