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Interior Design Trends 2018

Is redecorating your home one of your new year's resolutions? Here are some of the key 2018 interior design trends you should consider for your next home design project.

1. Ultra Violet

Pantone has named Ultra Violet as the 2018 colour of the year. Pink is still around but it's morphing into violet, lavender and lilac hues. You would have seen lavender taking over the internet from the catwalks right through to home design. Violet is the colour of luxury and evokes imagination, creativity and spirituality.

2. Statement Floors

2018 will be about statement floors. From bold coloured geometric tiles to light-coloured herringbone-style hardwoods, expect to see statement flooring everywhere this year, especially in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Coloured and decorative floors are also a great way to make a small room pop without adding clutter.

3. Earthy Luxury

As our lives become more frantic and reliant on technology, our desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler way of life is being echoed in the design and style of our homes. We will continue to see handmade ceramics dominate home accessories. Organic materials and traditional handcrafts will continue to gain momentum as the finer details are becoming more and more important.

4. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are back. The perfect choice to add style, colour and texture to your home. Most wallpapers today are simple to hang, and are much easier to remove off the wall if you decide to try a new design. There is even such a thing as removable wallpaper, so what are you waiting for.

We are seeing a big return to bright and clear colours. People are done with using greys and beiges. Make way for colour and pattern in 2018 but don’t forget to pair it with softer hues for some contrast and to keep your home feeling balanced.

Rebecca O’Fee - O'Fee Interior

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