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Industrial Living!

An industrial interior style incorporates existing building features and other materials such as; exposed steel, rustic wood and leather to achieve a raw, unfinished but functional design.

1. Selecting the right colour palette is essential to establishing the foundation of your interior. Think earth-toned neutrals – browns, greys, blacks. If you have any existing exposed brick or other building structures you can work with then you are off to a great start.

2. Industrial furniture relies heavily on raw, unfinished wood. Choose at least one raw timber item to include in your space. This can act as a statement piece.

3. Add homemade and upcycled touches. Look around the home for inspiration and collect items that can be reinvented as shelving, tables or accessories pieces.

4. Giant floor lamps are one of the most iconic pieces of the industrial design. Invest in one for the living area and mix it with a table lamp of the same family.

Rebecca O'Fee - O'Fee Interiors

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