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3 Tips to prep your home for summer!

1. Add plants.

Live plants are hot, hot, hot! Or should I say cool, cool, cool. Live plants not only look amazing, reduce stress and encourage a feeling of wellbeing but they can also cool down a room by producing more oxygen. So, forget about clogging up your home with bulky fans, just add plants because live plants are never not a good idea.

Some of the must have indoor plants are; Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ferns, Philodendron Scandens (sweetheart plant) and larger specimens with lush tropical leaves and dramatic patterns such as Birds of Paradise, Bromeliads and Calathea zebrina.

2. Paint your walls in cooler tones such as greys, blues and greens.

Cooler tones have a psychological effect of slowing your heart rate and therefore cooling down the body. The perfect solution for that sun struck living area or bedroom.

3. Switch out heavy throws and rugs.

Raw edged linen, tasselled throws, hand woven undyed silk and hand painted pieces are this summers must have items. Inspired by nature they are the perfect addition to add texture, tonal variation and depth to your home.

Rebecca O’Fee – O’Fee Interiors


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